Instead of a typical powerpoint presentation, Roman performs a customized collection of stories from 99% Invisible live, complete with music and sound clips. It's very cool. He got a standing ovation on the TED main stage in 2015, he's been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences, and a lunchtime storyteller at companies around the world. Mars gets booked up many months in advance, so get in touch ASAP if you'd like him to present at your event. 

Roman Mars’s keynote was an unorthodox, memorable, and profoundly engaging event: rather than delivering a conventional speech, Roman used audio samples to create a completely new experience, guiding our attendees into considering new perspectives about the built environment. Our attendees haven’t been able to stop talking about it. Roman has set a high bar for our Convention that I’m sure we’ll struggle to top.
— Robert Bennett, Texas Society of Architects
We were privileged to experience a wonderfully engaging and live rendition of Roman Mars’ 99% Invisible podcast that mesmerized our team of business, design, and technology enthusiasts. With a dynamic mix of audio and video visualizations, Roman delivered a full performance that far exceeded our expectations for a speaking engagement. His heartfelt tone and insightful narrative enlightened and fascinated us!
— Samsung Product Innovation Team